It has been revealed what McDonald’s puts inside their popular french fries, and how they are made for public consumption. 

There are many wild assumptions that their food is filled with chemicals, yet they claim the main ingredient is a potato. A TV personality star visited the supplier that processes the yummy fries. 
While next to a conveyor belt with french fries, Grant Imahara says: “I know what you’re thinking. These look like potatoes, but are they really potatoes?”

He gives a display to the audience of how McDonalds makes their fries with organic ingredients and go through no changes in the process of assembling.

The potatoes are peeled and cut into a fry shape, then dipped into dextrose (natural sugar) to preserve its golden color, before dousing them in sodium acid pyrophosphate, that works to prevent graying of the fries while on transit to fast food hubs. At the final stage, the fries are heated up to a certain amount of time before freezing them for delivery.

The video they recently introduced looks into their process of food production and is a part of their nationwide campaign to openly allow consumers to question its food ingredients etc. 

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