Are you looking for a way to uninstall kinguser app and unroot your device? you have reached the best site to get the specific information.

Here we go;

If you are an Android user with the Kinguser app as the rooting system be aware of the below two side effects of uninstallation.
Your device will not cooperate with the apps that requires rooting access to run in your device.

Below mentioned steps will not support to any other device apart from android. (The procedure is not being tested in any other device)
  1. Uninstall the kinguser app that has been installed in the device for rooting purpose – while this progressing please make sure the device supports with good battery life.
Process of uninstalling (follow the clicks below in order to reach the correct method of uninstalling kinguser app in your device)
  • Get to Apps menu and select kinguser app to open it.
Uninstall KingUser
  • Look for the settings “wheel” icon at the top right hand side of the device once the app is opened.
Uninstall KingUser
  • Select root authorization settings.
Uninstall KingUser
  • Under root authorization setting you will find a tab “Remove root permission”, select to proceed the process.
Uninstall KingUser
  • Your screen will get a popped up message saying “Remove Root Authorization completely and return to Unroot status, Proceed? “. Select “clear” to proceed the removal of root permission.
Uninstall KingUser

Once the progressing completes the uninstalling process will be successful. Your device will be cleared by root access effectively.