From the second this dog, who’s now known as Willie, was found abandoned by Shane Godfrey’s on his own front porch early last year, the pair have been totally inseparable.

Recently, Willie must have thought he’d lost his best bud forever after his owner Shane Godfrey developed some major heath complications.
In February he was hospitalized with a case of the flu. It rappidly developed into double pneumonia and, later on, kidney failure, sepsis and encephalitis. The rapid decline in Godfrey’s health was so serious that at one point the doctors didn’t think he’d make it.
“They weren’t sure if I would make it for a while,” Godfrey told The Dodo.
In the end he was to remain in hospital for over five weeks, as time went by his condition did slowly begin to improve. In that time however, he’d lost a remarkable amount of weight and was almost unrecognisable.
It’s fair to say, the brush with death had taken its toll on Godfrey. In his absence his sister had stepped up and taken care of the dog but it was impossible to explain where his best friend had gone. There reunion that you can watch below is incredible.

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