Everyone got a smartphones now days. With popularity smartphones getting there are several phone companies as well as more operating systems are coming in to the market.

Talking about Mobile operating systems there are Android operating system, IOS operating system and windows operating are the best ones there. From these Android Operating is the most popular among the users. So let’s see why android system is more popular with users.

Android is the fastest growing operating system because it’s open nature of Android just means it can do things others just can’t. There are so many things you can do with a android device cause of it’s open nature lot of developers making greater apps. With the benefit of much stronger app base android get the edge over IOS and Windows.

The Google Play Store is home to a massive number of apps and continues to grow every day. No matter what your need, you’ll find almost everything in Google play store.

Best Features of android that other Operating system don’t usually have.

Custom Widgets.

Here’s no substitute for the convenience of having a big weather widget right on your home screen or a more useful  to-do list widget to remind every time you look on to your phone what have to be done. You can put widgets to a jailbroken iPhone but it only appears in locks screen but in Android devices you can put on home screen or to the lock screen.

Removable Storage.

You can use your preferred storage with a removable Storage system. If you maxed out in storage with a Apple device you’re pretty much out of luck.

Custom Keyboards.

You have a lot of different keyboard choices on Android.it's great that Android provides so many options to make it as painless for people as possible, and super easy to install.

These are some advantages of having a android device. You can get more fun with your android if you root it.

Rooting is more Difficult process but with introduction of some cool apps it’s easy as a one touch in your device. Most Popular Rooting apps in the market
  1. TunesGo Root Android Tool
  2. SRSRoot
  3. Root

This root app is the easiest and most used rooting app in the market. You just have to download it here and follow the steps.

  ▪   Download SuperSu or king user first and install it. 
  ▪   Now download Universal androot ape file to your device
  ▪   Install this apk by going downloads folder on your device.
  ▪   a simple look interface opens a screen which helps you throughout to root OR unroot. Follow on screen instruction.
  ▪ Wait till it complete the installation.

After it’s done you can enjoy more of android Device. User can install custom ROMs, Change any setting you want that device developers didn't allow you to use before rooting.

Also there are so many apps for Battery saving. Custom themes and loads of things you can do With your rooted device. Just Google it and you Can find varies of application.

So truly enjoy your android device.