Anyone that has owned or even knows a dog knows how gentle and loving they can be. They are beautifully loyal and can sense who to trust instinctively, gravitating towards people that will be kind to them and show them love in return for theirs.

When a dog has been hurt before, repeatedly, they learn not to trust and overcoming this can be hard.Recently one foster dog needed to learn to trust again after she ran away.
Daisy was adopted from a shelter and only two days after she ran away from that home, fearing she would be hurt again. People around the town had begun to spot her and would leave meals outside for her to eat. They tried to no avail to get her to come home but every time she would run away and not be seen for days after.
The Hollister Animal Lost and Found Facebook group began tracking her movements, people posted sightings and even discussed how they might be able to get close to her.
Having tried everything they could a 6-year-old thought she had what it took to make friends with the petrified pooch.
The young girl took a different approach when they located the dog in a field. Daisy was visibly very hesitant at first. That all changed when the girl decided to get onto her stomach.
You can watch her beautiful story and how she did it in the video below and her Her secret? Just “showing her some love!”
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