By: Camila Villafañe

Some people believe that when we die, our spirits cross over to the light, which leads to a heavenly dimension where we can continue to exist in a state of sheer contentment. But if it's true, then we have to assume that our loved ones will most those they left behind on earth. The only problem is, that there's no cell phone reception from heaven, as far as we know, and they can't leave the pearly gates, possess a human body and pay you a visit. But there might be another way that they can communicate with us by using our dreams.

Dream visitations are the most common ways for spirits and spirit guides to visit us.

In these dreams, a deceased loved one is often surrounded by an aura of light. On the other hand, they can seem as real as everything else in that dream world.

Since the dreams are so vivid, they will haunt you in a lot of ways.

But not in a creepy, terrifying fashion. Instead, you'll be able to recall details of the dream no matter how many days, weeks or months have passed.

The most important thing to remember about noticing the signs is the vividness of the dream.

If the characteristics of your dream are incredibly real and authentic, then chances are, you've had a visitation dream.

Your loved one may not appear that way you remembered them, especially if they were sick when they died.

The ghosts of your family, friends, and even pets will appear younger and healthier than when they passed away. This will ensure that your encounter will be calming and produce closure instead of trauma.

Ghosts often want to tell you something, but the message isn't always transferred verbally.

However, you'll definitely get the message loud and clear, regardless of how they choose to communicate with you.

Some spirits might talk to you or ask you to deliver a message to someone.

But for the most part, they simply want to offer you some comfort by letting you know that they are okay and that they made it to the proverbial "good place."

So why does a spirit communicate with you while you're sleeping?

Well, that's because when we sleep, we're in between the earthly and the spiritual realm, which turns off our rational mind and allow us to open ourselves up to things that couldn't possibly happen in the waking world.

It's not always an easy thing to do for a loved one to appear in your dreams.

So when they do show up, it's because they have some kind of unfinished business, often a message that they need to get across to give you and them peace.

Most of the time, the messages received in a dream are reassuring.

However, on rare occasions, a spirit of a loved one might try to send you a warning about something that's about to happen in your life.

Experts are just beginning to delve into the mysteries of dream visitations.

But psychics and paranormal researcher have been studying the phenomenon for a long time and many believe that the key to communicate might lie in the Ajna center, or between your eyebrows, where the alleged third eye is.

Although some dreams may appear to be a visitation dream, they're not always.

Sometimes, your subconscious is like a Hollywood movie. So it draws on the images of people you know to fill the roles of your dream movie. So the fact you dreamt about your grandmother or mom could just mean that your mind needed a beloved female figure to fill a role.

Some believe that visitation dreams aren't just for dead people alone.

Those that believe in animal spirits, spirit guides, or even angels can take comfort in knowing that these creatures use visitation dreams as a way of communicating with you.

A visitation dream is nothing to be afraid of, in fact, it can be extremely positive.

Many people who have claimed to have been visited by the spirit of a loved one, often wake up filled with a sense of love and peace.

Unlike in horror films and supernatural related television shows, these deceased loved ones aren't hostile.

They won't ever get upset or angry with you in the dream. Their goal is to bring you calming messages, not make you soil your bed.

In most cases, a visitation dream isn't intended to be a long drawn out talk with your loved one.

Once your deceased family member has gotten what they needed off of their chest, they'll simply go away.

If you have to ask whether the visitation dream was actually a dream, then it probably wasn't.

When you have a visitation dream, you'll feel it in your gut or in your heart. Trust us, if it was one, it will be so real and vivid that you won't ever question it.

When spirits visit you in a dream, they have a translucent quality to them.

That's because those in the spirit realm are now made up of pure energy. There's no actual physical body so they appear far less dense.

We know that just entertaining the idea of a dream visitation from the dead seems unreal.

It's like reliving the movie "Ghost" with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. But remember that in the film, the character of Sam was trying to reassure his girlfriend Molly that he was real, and he made a coin float to make her believe he was still around.

Most dream visitations often happen to people who have recently lost someone.

These dreamers, also known as night travelers, can cross through the astral planes to reunite with their loved ones and retrieve valuable information. However, some people just have chance encounters with the dead, and the includes a perfect, albeit deceased, stranger.

Once you've had one of these dream visitations, you might want to invest in a dream catcher.

These talismans are small hoops, containing a horsehair mesh decorated with feathers and beads, and Native Americans believed it gave the owner good dreams. At the very least, it can prevent any cluttering so your deceased loved one or spirit guide can reach you from the other side of the veil.

There may be other entities who will pay you a visit for other reasons than your loved ones.

In some cases, the dreamer might be in need of comforting, guidance, or protection regardless of whether the dreamer realizes that he needs assistance or not.

It's possible that your loved ones have tried to contact you in other ways.

Now clairaudience is the supposed ability to perceive, as if hearing what is inaudible, like the voice of a deceased loved one. But if you haven't been able to get their message, then they'll likely come to you in your dreams.

A visitation dream is not a creation of your subconscious mind.

These dreams exist only when a non-physical entity tries to communicate with you while you sleep. Since the barriers that normally block their communication don't exist while you sleep, they're able to get through to you quickly and efficiently.

It's important to avoid letting your conscious mind keep you from believing.

Once you start looking for the subtle signs of your loved ones contacting you, you'll be able to share messages of love and peace. Eventually, that connection will continue even when you're awake, like, for example, you get a whiff of the perfume or cologne they once wore.

It's important to avoid letting your conscious mind keep you from believing.

Once you start looking for the subtle signs of your loved ones contacting you, you'll be able to share messages of love and peace. Eventually, that connection will continue even when you're awake, like, for example, you get a whiff of the perfume or cologne they once wore.

Among the other qualities of spirit visitation is a sense of telepathy you get when you're near them.

With this telepathic link, you can hear or feel them speaking to you, even though their lips aren't moving. You might also be overwhelmed with images which you'll have to interpret the meaning of. But ultimately, you'll feel like you and your loved one were the only ones experiencing this form of communication.
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