7:34 AM
I sometimes wonder where the term ‘scaredy cat’ came from? Whoever came up with that term must have never owned one of these cats at least!

At happiest we love all animals, and we think cats totally rule! They manage to leap from amazing heights and miraculously come out unscathed? They go toe to toe with animals MUCH bigger than them!
America’s Funniest Videos teamed up with BuzzFeed to bring you the hilarious video you can find below! You’ll get to meet 19 cats who are, well, totally badass!
The triumphant displays of fearlessness will leave you in awe! we have some amazing escape artists, some with the need for speed and even some that fancy their chances against a bear almost 10 times their size?!
We would love to hear some of your own badass cat stories so please do let us know in the comments section and we’ll comment on our favourites.

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