A strong woman. The person that every girl wants to grow up to be and every man wants to date, but they’re too intimidated to approach.

You’ve met them, I’ve met them, and we all know how powerful of a character they can be.
But you might be wondering: What really makes them strong?
It’s an important question to ask and one that offers intriguing answers that you might not be prepared for.
So below, we’ve gone over 10 unique qualities of these amazing and powerful women:

1) She is her own fighter

She’s fiercely independent and is proud of the fact she can take care of herself. She doesn’t need a man to look after her and lean on. She leans on herself and takes responsibility for her life.
When she’s dating a man, she expect the relationship to be 50/50. In other words, if you show her affection, she’ll shower you with her love. But if not, then don’t expect much in return.

2) She knows what she wants

She takes time to get to know herself and knows exactly what she wants in life. There isn’t any hesitation or self-doubt, if she wants something, she gets it.
She also won’t rely on other people to fulfil her desires. She realizes that attachments are fraught with danger.

3) She respects honesty and vulnerability

By this point in the article, you might be mistaken to think that she’s emotionally cold. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.
She embraces ALL of her emotions, even the negative ones. Strong women realize that accepting emotions is the only way you can truly move on.
She’s honest with others and she expects the same in return.
However, she also realizes that nothing in the universe is perfect, and is patient with those who are in bad moods or who are anxious or nervous.

4) She will not shy away from intimacy

She’s not scared of getting close to someone. She’s all about those feel good vibes. After all, she realizes that being honest with herself and what she desires in life is the only liberating way to live.
However, she won’t attach herself to any man unless he’s truly the right guy, because she knows that there are plenty of guys out there that can fulfil that role.

5) She may be a human lie detector

Lie to her and you’re in danger. Honesty is one of her most valued traits and anybody who doesn’t abide will feel her wrath.
She sees through fake promises, pretentious behaviour and excuses. If you can’t be totally honest with her, then she’ll simply cut you out of her life.

6) She needs integrity, respect and consistency

She knows her worth, and doesn’t act kindly towards those who are hypocritical or inconsistent with their words or actions.
If a man ever acts distant to her, she’ll simply say goodbye and avoid getting played for a fool.
But if you respect her and treat her nicely, prepare to experience the most passionate love you’re able to imagine.

7) She can be intense and hard to handle

She’s been through a lot in life and the only way she’s been able to get through is by embracing ALL of life’s ups and downs.
She’s not afraid to share her point of view passionately, which can be hard for some people to handle. Her views and emotions are something she wants to proudly show – no secrets, no hiding.

8) She knows her worth and yours too

If you respect her and treat her right, she’ll go through hell for you. She admires people who have integrity. But if you cross her, she won’t be afraid to get rid of you. She’s in control of her own life.

9) She loves unconditionally

She is extremely faithful and has a lovely nurturing side to her that she shows to people she loves. This type of unconditional love is rare to find, but it’s truly a blessing to experience. You’ll feel nothing but respect and value when you’re around her.

10) She will show you who you are and what you can be

A woman like this loves to get to know other people. She’ll analyze you and get to know you for who you are. Once she’s figured you out, she’ll tell you what incredible potential you have. This can be tough for a man to handle, but it can also be a blessing because she’ll inspire you to be all that you can be.
With her level of independence, honesty, power and deep passion, only a man with integrity and respect can handle her. Anyone else is free to leave, as she is more than capable of flying happily solo.
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