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By: Ryan Aliapoulios
They say that dream chasing is best left to the young and foolish, but as it turns out that may not be true. As proven by a recent, inspiring performance on Britain’s Got Talent, dreams may also be for the old and foolish. Then again, there’s just something about salsa dancing that can make anyone feel young again.

The performers in question are 80-year-old Paddy and her much younger salsa instructor Nico. They are certainly an odd pairing and when they come out on stage they have to endure some condescension and trademark snide comments from Simon Cowell.
As the show starts it’s… a little bit of a let down, honestly. Faces in the crowd look bored, some viewers are rolling their eyes and Simon pushes his red button. And that, dear readers, is when things get real.
Though it might seem hard to believe, Paddy has some serious moves—and not just serious moves for an older woman. Seriously, this brief performance is so packed with dazzling displays and gif-able moments it’s hard to even know where to start.
There are death-defying dips, and there are ill-advised (but awesome) moves like this one:
But this is just scratching the surface—throughout her performance there are dips, spins, flips, dangerous drops, kicks and more. Paddy is about as flexible as its possible for an 80-year-old woman to be and, suffice it to say, the judges are floored. After the show is over, though, the story goes even deeper.
To top it all off, Paddy tells the crowd a truly heartbreaking and inspiring story which paints her entire routine in a whole new light—we’re going to hold back all the details on this one so you can discover the ending for yourself. What we will say is Simon Cowell is forced to eat his words and it is just as delicious to watch as it sounds.
Still, none of this does the clip justice. Above all, Paddy’s story shows that there are truly no limits in life for those with the drive and a dream. She is a showcase for the resilience of the human spirit and her enthusiasm is contagious. Let’s just say we didn’t not Google local salsa instructor Groupons after we finished this video…
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