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Ann Cameron, the famous children’s book author, has written over 15 children’s books. However, she was diagnosed third stage colon cancer in 2012, and she decided to share her struggle with this terrible disease publicly.

Fortunately, she succeeded to fight the disease in a completely natural way, so she would like to help other people with the same problem.

In 2005, her husband dies from lung cancer, after spend months of chemotherapy. Therefore, when she got her diagnosis, she underwent surgery and was advised to receive chemo, she refused, due to the unsuccessful treatment of her husband. Instead, she decided to find some alternative way to cure her disease.

She studies numerous alternative treatments, and thus read about Ralph Cole, who managed to cure skin cancer with the consumption of 2,5 kilograms (5 pounds) of carrot juice on a daily basis.

She started the same treatment. After 8 weeks, her medical tests showed that the cancer spread has been stopped, and the tumors and lymph glands began to decrease.

She continued with the carrot juice treatment, and after 4 months, the tumor was still withdrawing. After only 8 months, the CT scan showed that there were no traces of cancer.

The consumption of carrot juice can be done along with other conventional treatments, as it is compatible with radiation and chemo. Yet, she decided to try and cure the disease by solely drinking the juice, and avoid the side-effects of the chemotherapy.

She suggests that if possible, the patient should postpone these conventional treatments and initially try the carrot juice treatment, as it may stop the proliferation of cancer cells and cure cancer by itself.

Science has confirmed the anti-cancer properties of carrots, which are due to the antioxidant Falcarinol found in them.

A study conducted in Denmark and the UK on rats and mice with colon cancer found that the consumption of carrots reduced the cancer incidence in one-third of the experimental animals.

Another study has shown that breast cancer patients who consumed carrot juice had raised levels of carotenoids (vitamin A precursors) in their blood, which serve as cancer prevention.

Furthermore, carrots are high in other beneficial nutrients, so their consumption provides amazing health effects. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you consume them regularly and consult your doctor in order to try the carrot juice treatment to fight the deadliest disease of the modern era.

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