This test will ascertain if you’re one of the many people who are perfectly designed robots of the system.

Unfortunately, most individuals have no clue about how reality works and are instead engaged in fruitless fighting against each other. How are we meant to wake these people up to the actual reality they live in before we sink into complete totalitarianism?

The first step is to encourage ourselves and others to ask the following questions. If you answer yes to them, you’ve been brainwashed by the status quo. Don’t believe me though; get your serious research on by, you know, reading books, watching documentaries and following the plethora of brilliant social commentators in the alternative media who are handing the people their freedom on a silver platter.

So, do you believe that:

01: Conspiracies are bullshit and that there’s no way information is being hidden from you?

02Those at the tippy top of the power pyramid have your best interests and the earth’s best interests at heart?

03Politicians are at the tip of this power structure?

04Our governments are operating independently of this shadow structure?

05Free trade agreements such as the TPP and TTIP are in the best interests of the people and not corporations?

06Law equals ethics?

07Personal freedom is fundamental to our legal systems?

08Democracy is in a healthy state and therefore there’s no need for electoral and legal reform?

09Politicians, academics, journalists and scientists are not compartmentalized and therefore can see the big picture of how the system works?

10The mainstream media provides cutting edge information in an unbiased way that will reflect to you the truth about what’s happening in our world?

11You’re going to find the absolute, no holds barred truth, via the TV?

12The system is the way it is because that’s the only way it could work?

13Pre-existing money is loaned by banks, not freshly created by them out of thin air?

14We need private banking organizations to make money out of nothing for us and make squillions of dollars for the privilege?

15A genuine people’s central bank will create hyperinflation and initiate the end of the world?

16Money will always be necessary and that it is not a tool of enslavement?

17The widespread suffering across our planet is not the result of the economic system, but the result of natural forces?

18Adding toxins to our food, water, air and medicine is good for our health?

19The pharmaceutical-medico complex truly wants to create cures, not customers?

20They’re not using the same tactics as the tobacco industry once did?

21They’re trying really hard to find cures for diseases, such as cancer, and that there’s absolutely no way they would suppress any such cures?

22When near bottomless pits of money is involved in scientific ‘research’, results are not skewed to advantage the corporations funding it?

23Natural therapies – such as meditation, herbal medicines and basic nutrition – are pseudoscience woo-woo?

24Reality is only made of ‘matter’, consciousness is its byproduct, and you are not a powerful mind of interconnected consciousness who is comprised of both magic and madness?

25The war-on-drugs has been intelligent and ethical, as well as successful?

26This policy has not resulted with massively adverse impacts on society, such as increased addiction, imprisonment and criminal activity, as well as been appropriately respectful towards our natural right to explore our own consciousness?

27The education system is genuinely designed to create little creatures of self-discovery, health, civil service and personal freedom?

28The wars in our world have not been purposely orchestrated for more power and money?

29Your enemy is someone in the 99.9%?

30Or do you believe that you need to unite with your fellow man, no matter the small or large differences you may have, and work together to undermine the self-serving sickos and the system they’ve purposely designed at our collective expense?

If you answered yes to the last question, you get two thumbs up! If you’re still overwhelmed by answering yes to the previous questions, then you’ve got some study to do. If so, you know that ‘crazy’ friend that you’ve got on Facebook who keeps sharing stuff that you think is ‘crazy’?

Yeah, you might want to contact them to ask what the fuck is going on.

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