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Japanese people use treatments for curing which are based on our fingers and they last only 5 minutes. They think that the treatments are based on a simple theory: each finger has a connection with 2 body organs.

The treatments is called Jin shin Jitsu and has a positive influence over the emotional balance. This happens because you stimulate certain parts of your hands. The treatments are part of Japanese alternative medicine. The most important part is the finger, especially the significant and important points that can regulate our energy which is essential for our physical and emotional health.

This treatment requires pressing and holding a certain finger tightly with the other hand for 3 to 5 minutes. You have to take deep breaths and when the treatment is over you need to massage the fingers on both hands. The average time for the treatment is 30 minutes.

We present you a scheme which will show you the connection between fingers and organs.

The thumb is connected to the spleenwort and stomach; depression and anxiety. Physicals symptoms are stomach pain, skin issues, headache and nervousness.

The index finger is connected to the kidneys and urinary bladder; discontent, fear and confusion. The physical symptoms are tooth pain, digestion problems, pain in the muscles and the back.

The middle finger is connected to the liver and yolky bitter; indetermination, irritability and rage. The physical symptoms are migraine, menstrual pain, tiredness and headaches.

The ring finger is connected to the lungs and large intestines; fear, negativity and sadness. The physical symptoms are respiratory problems, asthma, skin condition and problems with digestion.

The pinkie is connected to the heart and small intestine; anxiety, nervousness and no self-confidence. The physical symptoms are heart diseases, sore throat and bone problems.

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