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When we are in a public toilet or a coffee shop, most people (me included) put toilet paper on the toilet seat, thinking that we are protected from bacteria, but in fact we can only achieve the opposite effect.

Although, hygiene in the public toilets isn’t high, you should not put toilet paper on the toilet seat. It may seem like a smart idea, but it’s not! You are at bigger risk to get a bacterial or infection. But don’t worry, today you will learn why this is a bad idea, and what you should do instead!

So, what’s the main reason why you shouldn’t put toilet paper on the toilet seat? After people are done, they all flush, but they don’t put the toilet seat down. And the splashes can go up to 2-3 meters, so all the bacteria will be on the toilet paper on which you will seat. You can’t believe right? I couldn’t either.

‘Covering the toilet seat with toilet paper, can cause a variety of viral and bacterial infections’ – say experts from the institute ‘NYU Langone Medical Center’. A study of their Microbiology department found that after the release of water, splashes can fly height up to two meters and thus throw away all the bacteria around us. In those drops are hidden a lot of fecal bacteria that end up on the toilet paper.

So, next time you find yourself in the public toilet, do not cover the ironing of WC toilet paper.

What should you do instead?

I will tell you two options, but I recommend the second option.

01: You can take a few pieces of toilet seat liners in your bag, so they will be clean. But the toilet seat is already “rich” with bacteria so this won’t help too much and that is why I use the second option.

02: Don’t seat on the toilet, you can just use the squat position and do the job. Even though this may sound strange, it’s the best to keep yourself save from the fecal bacteria.

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