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We all know that one of the most powerful and natural antibiotics the garlic. The onion has it’s own potent properties as well. In today’s article we will give some information, why you should consume more onions.

If you are using the onions only in you salads, maybe it’s time to use it more often, according many professor and experts, onions can treat diseases by itself.

Here is the top 5 uses:

01: Burns

If in case you burn yourself, maybe while cooking or something else, onion is here to help you. Just cut the onion in half and place it on the harmed place. It will help you instantly and the pain will be gone in no time.

02Clogged Ears

Using a cloth, take out the core from the onion and place it on the beginning of your ear canal. Remember, you have to be careful not to push the onion slice inside the ear. Let the onion piece stay there overnight so that the onion juice softens the buildups of wax. When you wake up you will be able to remove the ear wax very easily.

03High Temperature

If you remember you childhood days, when sometimes you had high temperature. Well probably your granny was placing onion slices in your socks. These traditional medicine is very helpful and in this case and your granny was right doing that.


To eliminate the toxins from your body, as well as to efficiently keep them away of your organism, eat more raw onions.

05Bee or Wasp Stings

Stings most of the time are harmless, but in cases of allergic people they can be very dangers. They can cause even death. If in case you get a sting, first thing you need to do is not to panic. Next, take off the stinger slowly and very carefully. Finally apply an mashed onion on that area.

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