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Carb- and fat-rich menus are an inevitable part of the holiday season. But, as soon as the holidays are over, we are left with tons of toxins in the body, which affect not just our health, but our looks as well.

Luckily, natural medicine is amazing when it comes to body cleansing. In fact, the recipe we offer here is extremely beneficial because it acts on two levels – it eliminates toxins from your body, while setting it into fat-burning mode and thus promoting weight loss.


.1 cup tomato juice
.juice of half a lemon
.2 tbsps. grated ginger
.hot pepper or chili powder
.2 celery stalks


01: Blend all the ingredients except for the celery stalks. Use tall glasses for the drink and the celery to garnish them. Drink this amazing beverage while you eat the celery.

02Ideally, drink 3 glasses of this natural detoxifier between meals every day. Store larger amounts of the drink in your fridge.

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