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White bread may come in different shapes and sizes but it still has the same effect on our body; it makes us fat and causes us digestive problems.

A woman from California did a little experiment this summer and decided to eliminate bread from her diet for a month and she recorded all the changes that happened as a result. We suggest that you try the challenge too, because it has many benefits for your overall health. Here’s how cutting bread from her diet improved her health and slimmed her down.

She lost the weight caused by water retention

Bread is full of carbs and if you abruptly eliminate them from your diet it will lead to a fast weight loss. Bear in mind that this is not some instant weight loss, but simply it’s your body eliminating the excess water from your system.

Every gram of carbs you keep in your body attaches 3 to 4 times more water that it weighs.

She didn’t feel hungry all the time

Processed carbs increase the sugar level in the blood which later crashes abruptly. These changes can send mixed signals which can make you feel hungrier and which eventually lead to gaining weight.

Just replacing the empty calories from the white bread with wholegrain products will make a lot of difference.

Her digestion improved and she got an energy boost

Unlike wholegrain or rye bread, white bread doesn’t have fibers which are necessary for a healthy digestion. That’s why just cutting out white bread from your diet will significantly improve your digestive system.

Carbohydrates are essentially food for the brain. If they are high quality our brain will function much faster, but if not our body will feel the negative effects and we will feel tired and exhausted.

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