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Salt water is found out to be a very effective drink in providing good health. Within a short period of seven days positive results of improvement in your own body healthnwill be seen. Salt water provides the body to fight over toxins and grow cells stronger.

To harness the healing properties of salt water simply add 2 teaspoons of sea salt to 1 ¼ of tepid water and stir or shake until it gets saturated. Drink all of the solution on an empty stomach in the morning. Repeat this process for seven days continuously. Follow the same way week after next, and then you can repeat it every other week thereafter.

.Salt water consists of variety of minerals even than in water, mixing salt to the water would add more nutrients to your body.

.Salt water also works to stimulate digestive enzymes in your saliva and stomach that help to break up food and thus speeds up the entire process.

.Salt contains many healthy minerals which create an alkalizing effect that neutralizes acidity in the bloodstream. This improves bone health, osteoporosis issues are mainly being answered.

.The organic salt is known to reduce stress hormones, both adrenaline and cortisol levels. These factor in relation to insomnia. By reducing their levels salt helps to calm and soothe the nervous system resulting you to feel peaceful and brings you out of heavy nights

Finally, variety of minerals of salt water greatly benefit your skin..

.Iodine increases the metabolic rate and oxygen consumption of the skin.

.Chromium does wonders to alleviate dry scalp and reduces the prevalence of skin infections.

.Sulfur makes skin appear more radiant and glowing by keeping it smooth and clean.

.Zinc regulates oil glands and helps wounds heal quickly.

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