Ear wax is natural and it is produced by the glands in the ear. Its role is to keep the inside of the ear safe from dirt, dust and bacteria. But many people find it unnecessary and disgusting so they clean the ear regularly.

Cotton swabs are most often used for cleaning the ear from ear wax but you must know that they are not effective; on the contrary, they push the bacteria towards the inner part of the ear

Moreover you should also know that the excess wax is removed naturally by talking, chewing or yawing.

Sometimes, due to some reasons, this natural cleaning doesn’t occur which can lead to unpleasant conditions as headaches, problems with sinuses, pain in the ear, hearing problems and sometimes even dizziness.

Fortunately the doctor David Hill has found a natural solution and he claims that the mixture of vinegar and rubbing alcohol can really help. You will need a small amount.

Apply a few drops in the ear and lean the head on the opposite side for 60 seconds. Then go back in normal position and the mixture will drain from the ear.

This natural remedy will surely help with this problem. Your ears will be cleaned and you will save yourself from unbearable ear pain.

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