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Cola is a drink so much loved by the youth. But the intake might be too gaseous and harmful to the body as high percentage of carbon dioxide is being used to bottle it. But this is a very easy way to make yourself Cola at home. This would not bring up harmful results as the one before.


It gives yourself a very good nutritional value and helps in hormone-balancing properties.

The lemon, lime and Orange essential oils contain limonene which helps in converse fat in liver and charge up insulin resistance.   

Through carcinogenic metabolism and fights on bacteria it also helps detoxifying in the liver.



.4 teaspoons honey, maple syrup or liquid stevia

.4 drops orange essential oil

.4 teaspoons vanilla extract

.4 drops lime essential oil

.2 drops cinnamon essential oil

.2 drops cardamom essential oil

.2 drops lemon essential oil

.2 drops nutmeg essential oil


01. Put the essential oils into the vanilla extract.

02. Then add the sweetener of your choice.

03. Add 2 glasses of 8-10 ounce of bubbly water.

04. Serve chilled.

Reminder: Use an essential oil with good conditions. Most of the oils do not contain safe conditions.

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