Garlic helps to reduce headache and high fever.

Earache could be reduced by this method in no time.


Garlic will also help you to get rid of headache. In this case, you should let the garlic

to remain in your ears while you sleep. And the pain and inflammation will reduce.

Garlic reduces high fever

Chop the garlic into slices and soak it in an apple vinegar.

Then wrap the garlic in a cloth and place it on the feet and in the ears. it will help to overcome fever in no time.

This method would be best for children.

Cough therapy

The juice of garlic is very effective natural cough syrup, and here is the recipe:


.Clove of garlic

. 2-3 tablespoons of natural honey.


Peel and slice the garlic. Place it in a deep bowl and pour it with honey. Place the prepared garlic under room temperature overnight. The next morning, strain the mixture.

This is will prepare a mixture sufficient for a single day.

Taking in one tablespoon of syrup in every two hours will reduce cough.

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