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Dr. Peter D’Adamo, is a very famous neuropathic medic who believes that the blood type of and individual decides which food to intake in consider of health and well-being.

In his book  Eat Right for Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution for Living Longer, Staying Healthy & Getting Your Ideal Weight he describes the idea.This article will bring facts in short about his description.

According to his ideas, it is said that, food which are good for a specific blood type would be harmful for another. And he also mentions the methods of exercises also differ one blood type to another.

Most of the intellectuals seems to disagree with the facts he included but yet the 7 million of the copies of his books sold provides evidence of the public belief in advance.

How Does the Blood Type Diets Works?

He says that lectins (carbohydrate-binding proteins) can correspond to different blood type in a different way. It can be extremely dangerous on your health if certain lectins get in contact with certain blood type. And he provides information of the appropriate food to the blood type and amount of consumption in his book.

The Four Basic Blood Types..


Twenty thousand years history the blood type carries. It says that this blood type came into recognition with the development of agriculture.  Which, In extent talks about blood type A owners to be follow a vegetarian food manner – this people are also known as “the agrarians”.


Oldest blood type, aged more than 30 000 years ago, it requires a protein-filled nutrition, unlike any of the other blood types. The people that are blood type 0 are also known as “the hunters”.


Aged ten thousand years. The people from this blood type are known as “the nomads” because they possess the quality to be quite adaptable to dairy products and have the most versatile digestive system of all.


Age thousand years. Considered as the latest blood type. Their diet varies between Blood type B and A. the people are called “the enigmas”.

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