By: Chamalee KP

Every person should wash his/her towel once a week or leave it out in the sun to dry out. In this kind of situation you always have to concern about the fungus than the bacteria. The reason is bacteria can be destroy when you wash your easily but not fungus.
You might have felt your towel stinks after using it for several times. That is because it is easy for bacteria or fungus to grow with the wetness of the towel. Bacteria are killed when you wash your towel, but fungus is extremely hard to get rid of therefore washing the towel only won’t do much. That is the main reason you have to dry clean your towel with sunshine.
If you continuously use your towel without washing it for many times you will be infected with many diseases such as skin problems.  No one will ever notice the towel causes many skin problems.
According to the specialist views the towel must be washed after using it for 3 2 times. Otherwise it causes many problems while creating a favorable place for bacteria and fungus.
There for make sure to wash your towel after using it and also to leave it for sun to get dried. This will bring you many health benefits for your skin and make you clean and comfy.