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By: Nagendra
Normal people cannot understand or comprehend what a very large person goes through when it comes to obesity. Holding up one’s body for even a brief shower can sometimes be an arduous task, while taking a small round across the block can be impossible.
A small group of people termed by medical experts as ‘morbidly obese’ are those who struggle to lose hundred pounds or more. Not only is losing weight a difficult task but it is filled with deterrents that other dieters might not even envisage. Unfortunately basic weight loss, dietary rules and exercise regimens do not apply to people who are extremely large and this factor is mostly lost on a number of experts including nutritionists and doctors.
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If your goal is to lose more than hundred pounds, here are some leading strategies that can help you in staying motivated while being on the right path to shed weight and regain health.
  • Do not attempt to deal with the problem by your own means. It is important to stay supervised with the help of medical supervision, because the more overweight you are the more supervision you require, especially when it comes to dealing with health issues. It is important to obtain medical care especially if you are dealing with hypertension, cholesterol and insulin resistance. In most cases it is seen that when these health hazards are discovered and effectively treated, individuals begin to lose weight faster. For instance, understanding how to restrain insulin levels can help in controlling one’s hunger and also ease weight loss faster.
  • Enrol in an encouraging and motivating support group. Although it might appear that you are all alone and no one can understand your problems, it is important to note that you are never alone. Medical experts as well as psychologists believe that one of the best places to seek motivating help and encouragement is through a support group.
  • Build some kind of activity into your daily schedule. Although it might be out of the question to join a gym or even attempt to go for an evening walk, it is important to move your body in small ways as much as possible in something that you are comfortable with or able to do. Large individuals not only find it physically challenging to move their body but can also be an emotional task as each movement is not only difficult and painful but becomes a reminder of their size. In order to deal with the problem it is important to commit yourself to performing small movements at every opportunity that you get. For example, instead of making use of the remote control to change the television channels, you can try to walk across the room to change it. Small movements such as these are helpful in burning calories and also help in changing your mind-set about how you can move about in your daily schedule.
  • Incorporate resistance training for better weight loss results. Almost every health expert is of the opinion that weight training is one of the most significant exercises in helping overweight folks lose weight. Because of its ability in building muscle which in turn burns more calories, weight training is ideal for even large people. The best part about weight training exercises is that it can be done in one place, in a seated position; unlike cardio exercises.
  • Most importantly remember to keep realistic and pragmatic goals. It is vital that you do not set the bar too high when you are preparing yourself for a weight loss program. By taking into consideration the duration of time that you have been over weight, it can help to cut yourself a little bit of slack. The higher the number of pounds to lose, the longer it takes to achieve those goals, but it can also be a highly rewarding experience when you actually get there. One way of doing so is to concentrate on your health rather than keeping a track of every pound that you are trying to lose.
If you feel that you are losing motivation, try paying attention to how much you are accomplishing each day. For a while, forget the end result and look at the present moment on how far you’ve come. There probably was a time when you were unable to bend over just to tie your shoelaces or pick up a pencil or unable to walk up a small flight of stairs without losing breath. And now that you can do so, shows that for every pound that you are losing, your health is improving. Although you might still be overweight, the fact that you can do things that you were unable to do earlier shows that you are definitely getting healthier.